Living Architecture

Basement Redux

Niwot, Colorado

Designed for a family seeking an in-home retreat and gathering place, this project renovated an 1800 sf unfinished basement into a home theater and bar, wine cellar, spa, fitness room, playroom and office. The design evokes the warmth and ease of an English pub and the calming spirit of a Scandinavian spa. Walnut panels combine with limestone and marble as they wrap the theater, fireplace and bar. Lighting compliments the materials of the space with both directional and wall-washing fixtures. The playroom has a similar color palette of cool blues, grays and creams, but the use of alternating stripes within the carpet and a series of three framed panels of chalkboard, metal and cork captures the spirit and playfulness of the children.

The resulting spaces elevate the former basement to an area that this family looks forward to showing off, defying the conventional understanding of what is possible in this often neglected area of the home.

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